Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Sea Glass Analogy

Sea Glass is Beautiful!

You can make beautiful things with Sea Glass:

I wonder.....

If sea glass left on its own for a few billion years......

Could it possibly become more organized like this?

Or even something as simple as this:

Of course not. 

And you may know where I am going with this train of thought.........

Atheist expect us to belief that molecules such as this:

came together in a pool of slime with a little bit of lightening added to create this:

An amino acid 

that randomly found other amino acids to make this:

A DNA molecule 

that is able to self replicate 

without error

 to create functional proteins such as:

A Phospholipid Molecule---which is a critical component of cell membranes

and is one of only several critical molecules

needed to produce structures such as these:

And not only form these, 

but must all perfectly functional.

Each one of these simple cellular organelles are immensely complex:

The Mitochondria for example:


 Endoplasmic Reticulum
(I feel smarter just saying those 2 words!)

It is amazing 

that ALL the right molecules, 

in number and quality

were in that ONE puddle

under the  EXACT right conditions 

and did not FRY by lightening

 but instead assembled into something that was 



and self-organizing 

into something as complex as all these various organelles----


that they all work together

 in conjunction with one another 

to produce a viable Bacterium 

from which all life sprung....


Not on your Life!

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