Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Isn't that the ultimate question?  

Isn't that what great minds have pondered for centuries?  

What is the Meaning of life?

I think to answer this question you need to decide on your world view. 

If you do not believe in a creator,
 if you believe that we exist due to a series of random mutations 
and a universe springing forth for no good reason,
 then I don’t think it is possible to ever know 
or understand the meaning of life.  

Because in this world view we are a cosmic accident,
 living beings with no purpose 
other than to perpetuate our species.

But if your world view is that of a Creator,
 then you can begin to answer this question. 

God has created this universe perfectly tuned for life.  
He created Earth perfectly tuned for humans to exist.  
He created Humans to commune with and serve Him.  

God created you; 

God created me. 

Now, if you make something; let’s say you get all the supplies 
and make a beautiful doll in your likeness.  

That is your doll, 
it belongs to you. 

Likewise, we belong to God.  

We answer to Him, not to ourselves.

This concept goes against everything western civilization teaches. 
 We in western society live for Self.  

We live to please ourselves, we live to elevate ourselves.  
We may love and care for others,
 society wants us to be nice.  

But truly, we live in a “Me” culture.  

And it is this conflict in the heart of a believer
 that leaves us confuse on the Meaning of Life.

We need to realize;

Life is not about serving you.  

It’s about serving God. 

That is our purpose.

That is our Meaning

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