Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Live Forever

I saw an article called" Top 10 Ways You Could Live Forever 
 and it made me think about all the movies, novels, science and products 
out there to help us live longer and look younger. 

We are obsessed with cheating death and remaining youthful forever.  


(And why we want to live forever in THIS world is beyond me!)

It seems hard wired in us to yearn
 to exist in peak health / fitness and immortality.

I propose that God wants us to fear death and seek immortality.

And the recipe to achieve this is simple.

Believe in Him

Follow Him

Then death is not to be feared,
 it is simply a move through a gateway from a world of
 aging, disease and mortality

Boy In Wheelchair

To a world of  immortality in a body of peak health and fitness. 

The Bible tells us "The wages of sin is death".  (Romans 6:23)

We were not meant to die.  

When we were created we were made to commune with God 
in paradise in a perfect, immortal form.   

But when the first created humans 
committed the first sin, and corrupted paradise,

 they and all their offspring (down to us today) 
would no longer be immortal in this world.

When sin was unleashed into paradise the result was 
evil, war, illness, jealousy, pride, perversion, depravity 
along with physical illness and death for all humans. 

We were meant to be immortal in this life, 
at some level we know this and seek this.

But God cannot commune with us 
in this corrupted, sin-filled world.

So we will die and leave this 
corrupted, sin-filled world.

And we will be immortal in the next world.

There is nothing for you to do.

You want to live forever

and you WILL live forever.

But WHERE you will exist as an immortal....


 that depends on you.

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