Sunday, September 21, 2014

Innocent until proven Guilty

One of the backbone principles of  America is that our constitution states we are Innocent until Proven Guilty.  Today's society seems to have forgotten that, condemning people in the media of their perceived criminal behavior before all the facts / evidence are brought to the public eye.

But controversy sells, right?

I was thinking about this in relation to Christianity.

Why is it that Christians are condemned as naive at best, stupid at worst, for our faith?   Because those who condemn us refuse to look at the evidence. The Bible in inherently wrong---until proven right.  (which atheists think is so impossible they are not even willing to try)

Time and again, the Bible is proven right and true.  Cities such as Jericho were believed to be fiction of the Bible...until archeologists uncovered the remains of these cities.  David was considered a legendary, mythological figure...until archeologists found evidence proving he lived.

Jesus is assumed by many to be a fictional character.  But those thinking that have not studied the evidence.  There is more evidence confirming His existence than for any other historical figure.

Science on the other hand is accepted by society as true and accurate---until proven wrong.  Scientists once believed the Earth was the center of the universe---until other scientists proved that wrong.  Scientists once thought dinosaurs were slow, sluggish creatures, having to support their great mass in waters.  Then more recent scientists proved that was wrong.

Scientists once knew for a fact the universe was eternal--without beginning or end.  Until more recent scientists showed the Big Bang was more likely the case.  (kinda like what Genesis has been telling us all along, right?!)

Time and again, scientific "fact" is thrown out for new "facts".  That is truly one of the things I love about science---it "evolves".

But in regards to the Bible---Nothing in the Bible has been proven wrong.  Not everything has been proven true...but nothing has been proved false.   That is what I love about our Bible--it does NOT evolve.  It is something we can be sure in and secure in.

If agnostics and atheists would study the evidence when judging Christians, and be open minded, they would be swayed by the evidence that we do have something truthful to rest our hearts and souls in.

The Bible is True.  Always True.

Science---what's true today....well, just may not be true tomorrow.