Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gay Marriage and the Christian.

The Bible is clear.  

Homosexuality is a sin.

So as a Christian I  am against Gay Marriage. 


 I have heard other Christians speak out
against Gay Marriage 
in very condemning, even self righteous tones. 

 I even have heard Christians state that they would not 
welcome a gay person to their church!

I recall the story in the Bible (John 8) when the Pharisees 
were about to stone the woman caught in adultery.  

(funny how the man was not arrested too).  

As they were about to cast their stones,

 Jesus says

 "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

 and then he writes something in the sand at the feet of each Pharisee.   

Each Pharisee drops his stone and walks angrily away.

So I look at the Christian

 who looks at a LGBT person with contempt,

 I wonder what I could write in the sand at their feet?

Drinks to get drunk 

Smokes Pot to get High

Tells Lies to get out of Trouble

Had sex before marriage

Is Prideful before Others

Yes, homosexuality is a sin.  

But we are ALL Sinners!   

And God sees / condemns all sins equally.  

The person who abuses his body with drugs is no different 

than the person participating in homosexuality.

So Christian, we are no different than the one we are condemning.  

Embrace him or her with the loving arms of Christ.   

We are taught to love God and one another. 

We are taught to not condone the sin, 

But we are taught to LOVE the sinner.

(If this post is found offensive, I apologize. Gay Marriage is a very controversial subject today.  Yes I am against Gay Marriage.   Marriage is a 3 way covenant with God, a man and a woman for the purpose of bearing / raising children.   Anything other than that is not a marriage and it will not be blessed by God.

That being said, couples who have been together for years (gay or straight) should have the same legal rights / benefits as married couples.   Call it a civil union.  Call it common law marriage.  Or call it as a friend of mine does, a "Hippy" marriage.   But it cannot be equated to a religious marriage.)


  1. Replies
    1. I mean, what does the Bible say about, um, masturbating?

    2. excellent question, and I am sure a difficult one to ask!

      I found and agree with this:


      in a nutshell, it is not specifically addressed in the Bible and I think only a sin in certain situations such as if it was being done while lusting after someone. I think the citation above does a really good job explaining that.

    3. Thanks! That's some good info :3

      By the way, someone asked me if I valued mercy or justice more. What do YOU value more?

    4. no contest, I value Mercy over Justice.

      Think about it, you are with some questionable friends and due to peer pressure do something stupid and get caught....maybe you stole something, vandalized, etc. By Justice you deserve punishment. But you dump those friends and are grieved at your mistake--by Mercy you are given a lesser punishment or none at all.

      Same in the Bible, because we are all sinners, by Judgement none of us are good enough to be in the presence of God, but by his Mercy we are welcomed by Him with open arms.

    5. I love your questions---you always make me think!!