Monday, September 1, 2014

Be The Clay

The Romans conquered the world as they knew it in their time.  

And they were masters of death.  
They studied the human body and knew how to inflict the greatest pain
 and how to prolong an agonizing death, 
which culminated in crucifixion.

The crucifixion cross was a sign of pain, humiliation and oppression. 
It was hated and feared by all who were conquered by the Romans.   
The landscapes would be littered with crosses and their victims. 

Until one day when the Romans crucified God who was made flesh.  
When they crucified Jesus of Nazareth they did not know 
or understand the role they were playing in redeeming the world…
and themselves.

Through His Resurrection 
Jesus turned that cross from a symbol of helpless agony
 to a symbol of hope and love. 

Isn’t that what God does? 

Doesn't He take the wretched and make them victors?  

Doesn't He take the weak and make them strong? 

Doesn't He take the unworthy and make them loved?

If God can take such a horrific thing as the cross
 and turn it into something so beautiful, 
what more can He do 



Give yourself to Him.   

Stop trying to be the potter, instead, be the clay.  

Let God be the potter.  

Let Him mold you into something magnificent and beautiful.   

Serve Him. 

Serve others.

Find Joy.

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