Tuesday, January 7, 2014

There is a Creator

The Theory of Evolution states that over time, genetic mutations cause changes 
in an organism's structure that increases its ability to survive over others
and thus it "evolves" into a new kind of organism.

One of the many problems with this theory is that it cannot adequately explain the
Irreducible Complexity found in all organisms, especially when you get to the cellular level.

Irreducible Complexity was explained to me like this.

Start with a basic mousetrap

A very simple machine, made of 3 different components. 
Without any one of these components, the mousetrap will not work.

If the mousetrap were a living organism, Evolution would tell us that 
all 3 of those components would evolve through random mutations
 in concert with one another, at the same time in such a way
 that all 3 come together to create a functional mousetrap.

Now, that's just a mousetrap, with 3 components.

Cells are, of course, much more complex!

The example described to me was the Flagellum of a Bacteria.

Bacteria are the simplest of all organisms.

Yet it contains a structure, the flagellum, that is so complex, 

that the thought that it each of its parts could evolve randomly 
at the right time to produce an operating organelle
 is just beyond any reasonable odds.

I have found websites by Evolutionists explaining how flagellum could indeed evolve,
 but even if they are right, this is just ONE of several complex organelles 
that operate in the bacteria, 
and not only would each have to evolve each of its parts in concert to be functional,
 but all of the organelles would have to evolve in concert
 to create a functional living organism.

And think about the complexity of us.   
So all organelles of all our cells would have to evolve its parts just perfectly
 so that the organelles and cells will operate.  
Then all these cells would have to evolve in its functions in concert with other cells
 to make tissues and organs, such as heart,  liver, lungs,
 that operate and function to allow us to be alive.

So from proteins to organelles
 to cells to tissues
 to organs to systems
 to organism....

that is just TOO many pieces of a puzzle to think could evolve.

And then think about how many different organisms there are!!

The odds of all of this is too phenomenal for any reasonable person to accept as random.

There is a Creator.

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