Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Thinking

A friend of mine was recently asked if she would like to put money in on a group gift for a lady who was soon to marry----another lady.   Gay marriage is now legal in the state in which I live.  The friend said absolutely not, she did not support gay marriage as it was as sin against God and she would not participate in it in anyway.

Guess what.

This friend of mine, she lives with her boyfriend.

Who's sin is greater in God's eyes?

God sees all sin the same and all sin separates us from God.

And not just the "biggies" like murder, stealing, lying-- All sin separates us.  This includes the ones we don't usually think about like, sex outside of marriage, abusing our body (drugs, alcohol, cutting, etc), ill will towards others (road rage anyone?)  or even gossiping or pride.

As Christians, we strive to live our lives like Jesus and we must remember that He loved sinners.  He was often found hanging out with them (and this drove the religious leaders crazy!)  Jesus never condemned them, He forgave them and told them to "go forth and sin no more".

When we "judge" others, we should first take a look at and judge ourselves.   As Jesus said, "He who is without sin may cast the first stone."  None of us can cast even a single stone.  We need to embrace all of God's children, show them the love Christ shows us and share the gospel of God's love with them.

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