Sunday, July 31, 2016

Criss Cross David Cross is full of Applesauce

The image below was taken from a Facebook Post:

I don't know if David Cross really said those things

but it doesn't really matter.

What matters is that someone---many someones actually

Think this way.

I mean, if the above is true, it wouldn't be unique to the Bible

It would force us to question the reliability of all ancient documents.

How can we trust the reliability of what was written of the Roman Emperors?

I am sure the Emperors did a lot of editing to the writings of their scribes, right?

And can we be sure the Peloponnesian War really happened??

The Victors always tell the history, so how reliable can that be?

And did the Pharaoh Amenhotep really exist?

Where is the evidence for that??

Image result for things that make you go hmmm

So what we really want to know:

Is The Bible Reliable?

Christians and many historical scholars do agree that it is reliable and historically accurate.

But we want Proof.

As a Scientist I want Evidence 

And Evidence is Abundant!!

There are numerous archaeological discoveries and artifacts that corroborate the Bible.

Many ancient tribes were thought to be fictitious in the Bible only to later have archaeological finds
that confirm their existence.

Image result for proof of philistines

Many doubted that King David existed, but now we have archaeological evidence.

Image result for proof of king david

We have the Dead Sea Scrolls and other artifacts that are over 2000 years old
that are early recordings of portions of the Bible and they match today's Bible for those same sections!

Image result for dead sea scrolls

Now many debate the truth vs myth of the Flood and Creation
But even if they are myth, that does not mean the Bible is NOT reliable.

Because the Bible is not strictly a collection of Historical Facts
It also includes  Stories, Letters and Poetry.

And when you look at the New Testament
You can have even greater confidence in the reliability of the Bible

For example, Paul's letters were written during the lifetime of eye witnesses
to Jesus and His Death and Resurrection.

Image result for paul's letters proof

Additionally there are numerous accounts of Jesus from sources
other than the Bible.

Image result for josephus proof
(writings of Josephus)

I could go into great detail on each of the above points

But I don't want to keep you all day!!

And please, don't take my word for it.

Image result for thinking tigger

Don't take David Cross's word for it.

Image result for david cross

Do a little research and come to your own conclusion!!

Because as the Bible says:

Seek and you shall Find 

and the Truth Shall Set you Free!

(Jeremiah 29:13, John 8:32)

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