Saturday, July 9, 2016

America Divided

There is great wisdom in the Bible.

Mark 3:24 tells us:

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand

There has always been divisions in this Country.

But we have always been Americans first willing to come together
and over look our differences and make this country strong.

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But there are those that want America to be weak.  
And to weaken this great nation we must become a divided nation.

In the late 1980's the term "African American" became popularized.

That is a confusing term for me.

Are you American first or African first?

And not all black people are from Africa.

And some white people are from Africa.....

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Growing from this came a push for "Mulitculturalism" in the 1990's

The reason for this push was to create pride in your roots.

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But the emphasis was on minorities.

Not German roots.

Not Scottish roots.

Another divisor was created.

Having succeeded in dividing this country by race, 
the country is now pushing  for "Diversity"

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In the guise of demanding equal rights for gays, lesbians, trans, etc
we have become further divided.

Side by side with this is the division of religion.
While promoting acceptance of Islam, 

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the country is trying to squash Christianity.

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And most recently there is a growing division between 
Authority (Police) and Minorities

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Political Correctness is the final wedge.

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Doubt me?

What comes to mind if I say:


I must be a racist

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I must be a racist

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I am anti-feminist

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I am a transphobe

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I am a racist, anti-feminist, homophobic,
gun toting, bible-clingers

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I am a racist, anti-feminist, homophobe and islamophobe

Political correctness does not allow us to have differing opinions.

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What is wrong with differing opinions?

If you think I can still have a different opinion than you, 
What do you think if I say

#Trump for President

Political correctness, the government, the academic world and the media
have slowly and effectively divided this country.

We can no longer call ourselves American

That is a hate-filled term.

We must call ourselves African-Americans, 
Muslim American

I can say Black Pride
But I cannot say White Pride.

I can say I support Obama
but I cannot say I support Trump

I can say Muslims have a right to worship Allah freely
but I cannot say My God is the One True God

I have to want to pay for abortions and birthcontrol
or I am a sexist

I have to praise Travon Marton and Michael Brown 
and Freddy Gray
But I cannot point to their crimes.

I have to admit my White Privilege
But I cannot say  #godblessamerica

We are a deeply divided nation.
Divided by our government and media by 
race, religion, gender and sexual orientation

And this is very deliberate.

There are forces at work that want to see this country fall

And they are coming very close to succeeding.

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  1. I am actually not very aware of what's out there in America, and darn! That sounds quite of a mess to pick sides...