Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is God Real?

I guess the best place to start anything is at the beginning!  And I think the first thing most curious people want to know is, "Is God Real?"

They say it takes faith to believe in God, because you can't see Him, touch Him or feel Him.

I see Him whenever I look at the beauty and perfection of nature.   I touch Him whenever I reach out in prayer.  I feel Him in my Heart when I do His work.

I think it takes more Faith to believe there is NO God.

I like science.  Did you know that for the longest time people thought the Universe was without a beginning or an end??  Even though The Bible tells us there is a beginning, when God spoke "Let There Be Light" and from nothingness there was light......Like a BIG Flash of light......Like the Big Bang........

Science in the 1970's learned there IS a beginning to the universe, there is evidence of a beginning, as a big burst of light and they call it the Big Bang.

Now Science has shown us how perfect this universe is for life!   There was just the right amount of "stuff" made in the Big Bang to create all the stars and planets and life. 

Our Solar System is at the right spot in our galaxy to allow life.  In the center is a crushing black hole, there can be no life near the center of our galaxy

Our Earth is the right distance from the Sun to allow Life.   Any closer....too hot, any further...too cold.

The Moon is the perfect distance from us to allow for life.   It effects tides  and weather to allow for seasons that allow for life to grow. 

When science looks at the design of the universe, our solar system, our planet and even us, they find that we are perfectly designed for life.  

It is impossible to be random.  

The odds of us being here as a series of random events is less than the odds of 100 chimps on word processors given a billion years of banging on the key board and randomly stringing letters in the correct order to make a poem.  

With those impossible odds, there has to be a Creator, someone of such great intelligence to have created all this, for life, for us.

That is God.   And God IS Real.


  1. You're correct! I remember something on someone's blog:
    The Big Bang theory
    God said it and BANG it happened.

    Good blog Tigger.

  2. Tiggerkat, have you ever heard of What's In The Bible with Buck Denver? It's made by the same guys who mad Veggie Tales, and you can get it on DVD. We watch it sometimes at our Life Group at church which is like a group from our church we get together with every Friday. You can see more info at jellytelly.com
    P.S. awesome blog!!!!!
    P.P.S. one of the episodes of What's in The Bible talked about how there is scientific evidence about the things in the Bible
    P.P.P.S. I just always wanted to type P.P.P.S.!

  3. Tiggerkat, i'm not trying to be mean but, go read the bible. I've read it before, and I remember it saying somthing about smearing poop on somthing.... anyways go read the bible.


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    2. I am not familiar with that passage but googled it and it is in the bible. God commands people to smear feces on their faces (ew!) But then I read the explanation and he didn't mean for people to really do it, just saying that worshopping idols is about as good an idea as smearing poop on your face (I think that is how I understood it)