Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just a Little Theory of Mine

Saw this on my Facebook Page:

Now It's just a Little Theory of Mine

But I think this is a subversive anti-religion message.

By conveying that Evolution is a Fact
(in this flawed argument)

Then those who do not believe in Evolution
(*ahem* yours truly)

Are wrong.

That's a lot of Christians, Jews and Muslims who per this meme are

Simply Wrong.

It is best to start a debate with defining your terms

The Pythagorean Theorem is a Theorem, NOT a Theory

A Theorem is a Mathematical RULE
and therefore a Fact.

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There is the Law of Gravity.
Not a Theory of Gravity.

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And a Law is a Fact.

Evolution is neither a rule nor a law.

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It is a Theory.

Theories are not proven.

They are not, in fact, facts.

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Yes, Evolution is in all the text books.

Yes Evolution is taught as fact

I have taken Evolution classes in college, so I know this is taught as fact.

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And as Evolution was presented in text and by professors as fact 
I was always confused...

why is it the Theory of Evolution and not the Law of Evolution?

But I believed it to be fact for a very long time.

Then I picked up another book.

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The Bible.

Oh...its not a "textbook", in the traditional, collegiate sense.

It is a book written by men who were divinely inspired.

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Textbooks on Evolution are written by men who evolved by random mutations.

Teachers of Evolution ask me to trust in the wisdom of an intellect that is produced by a flurry of random mutations.

It is thus unquestionably correct.

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So I wonder.....

Would you get in a plane made by a flurry of random mechanics?

Just a little theory of mine...

But I think I am going to trust in the divinely inspired Bible 

What do you put your faith in?

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or Evolution?

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This is a huge, profound question.

It will be the center of your world view.

Are we divinely and lovingly created?

or are we the result of random mutations and luck?

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What is your little theory?

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