Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Bathroom Wars

Since Target's announcement to allow
Men in the Women's bathroom
Vice Versa

Along with President Obama's mandate
to allow the same in all US Schools..

There has been an acceleration in 

The Bathroom Wars.

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I am not going to preach one side or the other in this Post

My concern are the actions of my fellow Christians.

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Christ has called us to be 

"Fishers of Men"

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Jesus commands us to 
"Love one another"

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Jesus walked this earth to demonstrate how we should behave.

Did Jesus walk among the sinners and shout condemnations?


Jesus walked among the sinners and embraced them with Love

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But our behavior can lose souls.

We quickly become ammunition for The Evil One.

By our Actions,    By our Displays

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When done in Hate we lose potential souls to Satan


By our Actions,  By our Displays

Image result for chick fil a feeds protesters   
(Chic fil a manager hands out lemonade to protesters)   (Church rebuilds homes destroyed by tornado)

When done in Love,  

We win souls for Christ

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