Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Latest Christian Read

I am slow sometimes to discover great things.

Like author Ted Dekker.

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 I see his newest books AD 30 and AD 33
all over the place, but wasn't really interested.

But then I saw a book he wrote called "Black"

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and thought I'd give it a try.

It is the first in the "Circle Series"

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And I liked it so much that I read all 4 books of the Trilogy in 2 weeks
(yep, 4 books---trilogy)

In the first book  we meet Thomas Hunter

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(the series has been turned into a graphic novel)

He is living in Colorado and while being chased by bad guys
he gets a grazing shot to the head.

He makes it to  his sister's house, she is an ER nurse
But since she is not home, he falls asleep while waiting for her.

And immediately wakes up in another world...with Amnesia.
(this only makes sense if you read the 4th book, Green)

Thomas Hunter treks back and forth
 between these 2 worlds  each time he sleeps.   

The new world is Earth 2,000+ years in the future.

In both worlds humans are in jeopardy.

In our world a genetically altered virus is unleashed
and Thomas Hunter has the use knowledge from the future
to save our world.

It is the future world that held my interest.

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I have always wondered what if God 
created other worlds throughout the universe?

I think if He has, He would create humans in His image
and place them in a Garden of Eden.

And what if those Humans choose not to sin?

Would paradise exist forever?

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Would there be death or would the people live forever?

That is what the future is like in this book.

Thomas first finds himself in a very dark, evil place.
But it is outside of a beautiful garden.
He escapes the evil place and enters the garden.

It is paradise and many people are living there.
There is no illness, no death, no sadness.

Is it Heaven?  Or is it a New Garden of Eden?

It is the latter. 
And as long as no one leaves the garden and 
drinks the water in the evil place
it will continue to be paradise.

Well, you know us humans.

Towards the end of the first book one of the leaders
of the Garden leaves to confront the evil dwellers of the dark forest
and is tricked by the leader of the evil beings into drinking the water.

Sound familiar?

Paradise is over run with evil and life gets very difficult for mankind.

In the 2nd and 3rd books of the Trilogy
(White and Red)
the story continues--the battle to save our world from the virus
and the battle to defeat evil in the future.  

The parallels will be obvious....not just between
the story line, but between the future world and our world.

It is a story of Redemption.

And a Redeemer.

The 4th book, "Green"  kind of stands alone.

It is not necessary for the overall plot line.
But it does complete the "circle" of this "Circle Series"

The story helps you to make sense of what it means to be a child of God.

It gives you a different idea of who God is.

And it gives you a knew way to understand God's love for all of us.

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Even those who are so evil that our first thought is to annihilate.

Try it out, I think you will enjoy it!!

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  1. Ooh! Sounds interesting! I've never heard of them and I need a new book to read.

    Such a reference to the Bible.