Thursday, February 11, 2016

In Plain View Hidden from Sight: Part III

Another of God's creations  that are in Plain View

But  Hidden from Sight

Are Angels and Demons.

There is an entire spiritual world in front of us

That is hidden from us.

We see evidence for its existence

every time we witness evil,

(Christians burned for their faith)

Or sacrifice,

Image result for entering a burning building

(fireman entering burning house)

This evidence is in Plain View

pointing to the existence of Angels and Demons

There are many stories out there
about people believing in angels helping them or loved ones.

And if that's true then surely there are demons
influencing us as well....

Image result for charlie charlie charlie challenge

There really is much, much more to this world

that while in Plain View

are Hidden from our Sight

There really is such thing as

Spiritual Warfare:

Be careful out there

as to which side you find yourself on


  1. Oh no... It's that Charlie Charlie thing... Geez...

    Wow, your late posts are so interesting, I'd love to see a part four haha.

    1. thanks!, unfortunately I don't have a part 4 brewing in my head tho!

    2. check this link out:

      its also on my side menu---timely posting that relates to mine!