Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In Plain View Hidden from Sight: Part II

In my previous post I shared a puzzle.

There was one sentence in that puzzle that struck me:

'The books are all right here in plain view hidden from sight.'

That made me think of God and our Faith in Him.

Non-believers are always looking for Proof.

They want to see God with their own eyes.

Image result for god appears in the heavens

But God is right in front of them, in plain view.

He is just hidden from sight.

We have 5 senses:

Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching 
and of course 

And we are very dependent on this particular sense.
It is what we trust more than the other 5 senses put together!

"I will believe it when I see it"

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Isn't that our nature??

We don't believe until we see.

But we can't see everything.

You can see far away galaxies with a telescope.

Image result for galaxies

You can see tiny molecules with a microscope.

Image result for electron microscope images of molecules

But not everything can be seen,  no matter how great our science.

Scientists search for hidden planets, stars, molecular particles.

They know there is no technology with which to SEE them.

So they look for evidence.

For example you can't see a quark

But we know it exists because of evidence  that indicate its existence.

Image result for quark particle evidence

(click here to learn about quarks)

Quarks are in plain view, but hidden from sight.

The same is true of God.

There is a ton of evidence for his existence.

Just looking at the complexity of the smallest things

such as Protein Synthesis in cells.

It is beyond human comprehension

and beyond the simple "luck" of evolution.

It is evidence of an Intelligent Creator.

Image result for god the creator

It if proof of God.

Proof is in Plain View

Even while God is Hidden from Site.

So just maybe.............

With Faith you will find yourself saying"

Image result for i believe it when I see it

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