Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Five Gospels

(based from a quote by Gipsy Smith)

There are Five Gospels---Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and The Christian.  

And most people will never read the first four.

So what that means is that You and I are the Fifth Gospel that many in the world see.

Do they see someone who has an Inner Light For Christ?

Do they want to learn more about your love of God?
Or do you chase them away from Him?

There are many people who call themselves Christians, 
but drive others away from Christ through their behaviors.   

They gossip, they judge others, making them feel unloved.
They may even lie or covet.  

All the things Christ does NOT want us to be.

If you know someone who is a non-believer, let them see Christ working through you.

Let them see a person who loves others.


Even that kid that no one likes and always sits alone at lunch.

Let them see a person who serves others.

Who helps everyone.

Even that kid who bullied you last week.

Let them see a person who really knows God and His Word.

Who can answer the questions from those who are unsure about God.

And answers with kindness and an invitation to learn more.

Be the Fifth Gospel

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