Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sum of Random Chance

Non-believers don't believe in God...but they do believe in Random Chance.   I want to take a moment to sum up just a few of the random chances that lead to our existence.

1.  The beginning: The Big Bang...science has shown there is a beginning to our universe...which started from an infinitesimal point which exploded...creating both matter and anti-matter...which when come in contact with one another creates annihilation.   Yet some how - Randomly- this big bang created more  matter than anti-matter allowing for all things in the universe to form.

2.  The Big Bang flung material randomly...and yet to a perfect distance......too far apart and matter would not be able to coalesce to form stars and planets...not far enough and it would have collapsed in on itself creating a mega black hole

3.  This matter began to form stars and planets.  And galaxies--we live in the Milky Way galaxy---out on the edge----which is a perfect place, as there is a massive black hole in the center of the galaxy!

4.  And randomly, our Solar system formed in such a perfect way.    Our Star, the Sun, is not too big, such that it's gravitational pull would swallow up its planets, nor so small that the planets could escape it.

5.  Our solar system has very large planets --randomly----on it outer orbits, which pull many objects flying through space into themselves, reducing chances of collisions with Earth.    A first line of protection.

6.  Our Earth---randomly--was placed in the exactly correct spot in distance from the sun....any closer and all our atmosphere would burn off and life could not be supported.  Any further and we would be too cold of a planet to sustain life.

7.  Our Earth---randomly---has an iron core, that spins and creates an electromagnetic energy field around itself---which protects us from lethal radiation from the sun.

8.  Randomly--we find our earth has a companion, the moon---which randomly happens to be at the right distance to not come crashing down into the Earth, but not so far that it cant create Tides, which churn up the waters providing food for sea creatures.

9.  Our Earth, has an atmosphere that randomly contains the right mix of elements to not only support the life that breaths it, but acts as a blanket to keep the planet's temperatures rather constant as compared to other planets, such as mars, that can have temperature swings between night and day of 100's of degrees.

10.  Our Earth, by sheer random luck, wobbles on its axis creating a change in the length of day through out the year (last week was the summer solstice!) which results in seasons allowing for such great biodiversity.

all of those things (and many more) had to occur for life to even exist.....yet it was all random?

Let's continue, shall we?

11.  Some where along the history of time, chemicals that were randomly present on Earth, randomly came together to form proteins that were self replicating----and that "evolved" (randomly, of course) into single cell organisms.

12.  Do you know how complex a bacteria is??  These simple single celled animals have cell walls that protects them, a complex mechanism of division and exchanging genetic material with other bacteria.   Inside these cells are complex organelles that are made of complex assembly of proteins---which some how resulted from a random mixing of chemicals billions of years ago

13.  DNA:  in every cell of every living organism.  Made of 4 different kinds of molecules (called base pairs) arranged in a spiral stair case with millions of steps-----these of millions of molecules randomly came together to write the genetic code for a leaf--or a frog---or you.

14.  DNA copies itself when cells divide, or it needs to produce a product.  It needs the help of a complex molecules.  One type "unzips" the DNA, another kind makes a "reverse" copy (like a mirror image)  Another molecule changes that mirror image into a product the cell needs.  Then it needs another molecule to help it zip back up---without making any mistakes!    Isn't it amazing how all those things randomly formed to work that way?

15.  There are complex molecules that assist DNA into twisting up---without error--into chromosomes.  A nucleus if formed to protect and further organize these chromosomes---all by random chance

16.  In animal cells there is a structure called a mitochondria----complex chemical reactions occur here---randomly I'm sure--to produce energy for our muscles---kind of like photosynthesis for plants.

17.  Cells are a complex collection of proteins and enzymes.  They have a membrane that allows some proteins in and others out.   There are proteins that are "receptors' that other molecules have  to bind to in just the right way to cause the cell to go into some action and produce some product from its DNA, maybe its saliva  to moisten food.  Maybe its digestive enzymes to digest your food.   Maybe its chemicals that make your blood pressure go up...or down.   This and more, brought to you by---Random Chance.

18.  Nerve cells are amazing---how they randomly were formed to conduct messages from all your senses to your brain, and from your brain to your muscles for movement.

19.  Immune cells are amazing too....did you know your immune system has a memory?  How did molecules / proteins randomly assemble into a product that can remember that you were exposed to, let's say chicken pox so that your immune system recognizes it the next time you are exposed to it and keep you from getting sick?

20.  Speaking of memory----how is it evolution and a series of (many, many, many) random events has resulted in a complex organ (the brain) that is filled with molecules / proteins / nerve cells that are capable of understanding?  of memory? of reading?  of math?  etc.

Where in these cells are "YOU"?  I can look at your brain, at its cells, at the parts of those cells, I can break them down further into molecules and even atoms---- but at what point does this random assortment of molecules make "YOU" ?

Are YOU in the atoms??  the molecules??  the cells??  the brain??  what creates YOU?

God creates YOU.

 "YOU" are the spirit that is housed in that body He created, not randomly, but deliberately, to house YOU, the one He loves.   God is the Creator of all things, and He did all of it, from the Big Bang forward.

I read once that the Sum of all this Random Chance, from the Big Bang to YOU has the equivalent odds as follows:  If you had 100 Chimps banging on typewriters 24\7 for a billion year, it is the odds that one of them produces a Shakespeare Sonnet--by random chance---that's the same odds as evolution and random chance bringing forth us.

So, what do YOU think??

Are you a product of Random Chance??  

Or a beloved child created deliberately by God?


  1. Wow!

    That is an awesome post...I am seeing things on a different level.

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    2. that is an awesome compliment, thank you!!

      yeah--the more science I learn the more amazed I am and more convinced I am that God is real!