Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Genesis Code

Watched this movie last week:

The Genesis Code (2010) Poster

And loved it!!

Ok--acting was a bit flat, but the story was very good
and the Christian message was amazing!

It basically uses Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity

To confirm the Creation Story in Genesis:

That God created everything in 6 days.

(a sub-plot of interest is how a Christian (or Jew) 
can expect to be treated in College--all the ridicule 
for their beliefs, 
while those doing the ridicule 
claim to be tolerant of different beliefs)

It is a very complex concept, backed up with science.

Basically it says that from God's point of view, all was created in 6 Days.

But due to the way space-time expands in the universe, those 6 days are billions of years for us!


if you break the 6 days down to match up this stretched time frame of ours,
the creation story matches each "era" of millions or billions of years.

Sounds Unbelievable?!

Google:  Gerald Schroeder's Essay on the Age of the Universe.

He is a physicist from M.I.T who has shown this to be very possible!

The movie does a great job explaining it, and it isn't Hollywood fiction, but scientifically based!

So go check it out!

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