Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday of Holy Week

Excerpt from: The Blog from the Arch Diocese of Washingtion

Tuesday of Holy Week According to Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus again returns to Jerusalem where he is confronted by the Temple leadership for what he did yesterday. They question his authority. He also teaches extensively using parables and other forms. There is the parable of the vineyard (cf Mt 21:33-46), the parable of the wedding banquet, (cf Mt. 22:1). There is also the teaching on paying taxes (cf Mt 22:15) and the rebuke of the Sadducees who deny the resurrection (cf Mt. 22:23). There is also the fearful prophecy about the destruction of Jerusalem if the inhabitants do not come to faith in him. He warns that not one stone will be left on another (cf Mt 24). Continue to pray with Jesus and listen carefully to his final teachings just before his passion.

BTW--did you know this is also called "Passion" week?  Or maybe you have heard "Passion of Christ".

The word "Passion" comes from the Latin root: "Passio" which means "suffering".  And the word "Passion" means suffering, then later it referred to  strong emotions and only in recent years has come to be how we think of Passion today---a word referring to a strong emotional love.  

Have you ever seen Passion Flowers?

How the passion flower got its name.
(taken from: Plants in Motion)

When Christian missionaries arrived in South America in the 16th century, they found a plant which they felt was a good omen for their mission. They called it the passion flower because to them it symbolized the death of Christ. The five sepals and five petals of the flower, which are similar in appearance, represent the disciples without Peter and Judas. The double row of colored filaments, known as the corona, signifies the halo around Christ's head or the crown of thorns. The five stamens and the three spreading styles with their flattened heads symbolize the wounds and the nails respectively. The vines tendrils resemble the whips used to scourge Christ.

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