Sunday, March 8, 2015

What would it take for you to Believe?

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The people I meet who do not believe in God always say about him:  
"Why doesn't he show himself?  
Why doesn't he prove to me that he exists?"

How arrogant is that on it's face?   
He needs to prove Himself to you???
And if so, does He need to prove himself to everyone?
All 7 Billion of us?  
And throughout all history and time?   

What can He do to convince mankind once and for all and forever?

Flood the world?

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Destroy a huge tower?

Lead slaves in the desert by a cloud or pillar of fire?

Produce supernatural bread to feed the hungry?

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Collapse walls around cities?

Set fire to a water soaked alter?

Guide a boy with a sling and stone to defeat a giant?

Come to Earth in Human form and heal the blind, the lame and the sick?

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Turn water into wine?

Fullfill hundreds of  prophecies?

Rise from the Dead?

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What would it take for you to believe?   

What would convince you it wasn't a coincidence 

or that it had a scientific explanation?

Once during an asthma attack that was more severe
 than I was used to I called out to God and said,
 "If you are real make this go away".  

And suddenly I could breathe.   
Nah----just a coincidence I told myself.   
Even though that had never happened to me before.

When I tell you my asthma story,
 does it make you believe?  

Or do you explain it away?

If God showed Himself to you in the way you ask----
would your atheist friends believe you?  
Would they begin to believe in God?

I don't think there is anything He can do
 to make you believe
 if your heart is turned away from accepting Truth.  

In the words of Ravi Zacharias: 
"God has put enough into the world to make faith in Him
 a most reasonable thing.   
But He has left enough out 
to make it impossible to live 
by sheer reason and observation alone."

God is not going to walk up to your house, 
knock on your door 
and introduce Himself.  

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You wouldn't believe Him if He did. 

God is not going to coming charging 
through the clouds in a chariot of light.  

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You would think you were loosing your mind.

God is not going to heal 
a dying loved one just to prove Himself.  

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You would give all the credit to doctors and medicine. 

God is not going to come to you
 in the middle of the night and speak to you.  

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You would be sure you were dreaming.

Proof of God is out there----everywhere.  

Look at the complexity of a feather.  

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God or Evolution?  

Look at the intricate balance of nature allowing for life on this planet. 

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 God or Chance?   

Look at the brilliant simplicity of the DNA molecule.  

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God or Star Dust?

God is everywhere.   

Not waiting to prove Himself to you.

He is waiting for You to prove yourself to Him.

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