Friday, December 2, 2016

Are You In Prison?

Many of us are, especially teenagers.

What are you in Prison for?

We create these prisons in our hearts 
and then find us guilty of some trumped up charge 
and condemn ourselves to this internal prison

For example,

I have a friend who thinks she is weird. 
She is very shy and afraid to initiate conversations with others.

I think when others see her quiet and to herself,
 they see her as a loner and not very approachable

I ask her, "Has anyone ever been mean to you?"
See, she "smartly" doesn't give them a chance to be unkind
because she won't approach them.

Actually, She can't approach them

Because she is in Prison of Anxiety.

See, she finds herself guilty of weirdness and puts herself in prison.

Another Example,

I know someone who thinks she is unpopular.
And she is very sad.
She is sure no one likes her because she feels she is dumb.
She struggles with her school work.

She's not dumb at all.
She's dyslexic.

But she finds herself guilty of being dumb and puts herself in prison.

One more Example,

I was once hurt by some people I thought were my friends.
Deeply hurt.  They really let me down.

So I built a wall around my heart.
A prison.

I would talk and laugh with people.
So they would think I was alright.

But I was sad inside
I didn't trust anyone

But then I learned about God
I learned He will never let us down.
I learned I could trust him.

He helped me to commute my prison sentence 
and free my heart.

It took a lot of prayers and a lot of time.
Each prayer was like removing one bar of the prison wall.

But over time He healed my heart and set me free of my prison!

He replaced all those feelings of anger with feelings of Love.

It is my prayer that if you are in prison.

That you trust in the Lord with all your heart.

And let those feelings go.

That's all they are.....feelings.
You created them, you can destroy them.

Trust in God and pray for the courage to reach out to someone.

You just might make a friend.

And if not

Try, try again.