Monday, December 19, 2016

Was Jesus Really the Son of God?

Since the Time of Jesus, people have question who he really is/was and many then and now do not believe he was truly the Son of God........Even some people who believe in God.   Many people dismiss Jesus without even thinking about it and how un-logical they are being.

I learned this at Sunday School and thought it was really very Powerful.    It is called "The 4 L's"

This idea states that Jesus must be one of 4 things:  

A Legend,
A Liar
 A Lunatic (crazy person)
 or The Lord

Which "L" do you believe him to be?

Legend:   This is something I often wondered.   Maybe he never really existed and He was just a legend or myth.   Well that is easily proven wrong because there are lots of historical documents (not just the Bible) that describe Jesus.  Many of these documents were written by the Romans who didn't care about God or who Jesus said he was.

OK---So, maybe he did exist but his story is exxagerated into a legend?   This is also proven wrong easily because there are many different historical documents that all tell the same thing written by different people in different countries

Liar:     Maybe Jesus was a great Liar and Trickster and told such great lies and everyone believed him.  (kind of like politicians today)  Maybe the disciples were all in on it too and set up elaborate stunts that made people believe he performed the miracles.   Like a great magician. 

But then anyone smart enough to do all of that, would that person be willing to die for his lies?? Especially the kind of death he suffered?  (whipped bloody,  kicked and punched, nailed with huge spikes and crucified---which is said to be one of the most painful deaths ever)  

All he had to do was confess he was a fraud and they would've released him.  But he wouldn't.   What kind of perons would die so painfully to cover up their lies??

Lunatic:    The above could be true, and Jesus could be crazy.....but crazy people never hold it together to seem sane in front of the thousands of people for as long as he did.   Crazy people could'nt perform elaborate "miracles" even with a team of disciples.  And why would 12 men leave their jobs and families to be with a crazy person anyway??

And that leaves the final possibility.   Jesus is LORD

So, who do you think Jesus was?

If you think Jesus is Lord and God is Real, then it is time to ask yourself, isn't knowing more about God and Jesus the most important thing I can do in my Life??
That is where I am........I am trying to learn as much as I can about God and Jesus and the Bible.   If Heaven is real (and God says it is) and is for eternity, then time on Earth is nothing, preparing for life on Earth is much less important than preparing for eternity in Heaven


  1. my dad said that there is more written about jesus, ever, then there was about cleopatra or julius ceaser even!
    lineyluv typing this from an itouch

    1. just think how famous He is, I mean there are like 6 billion people in this world, and even though they are not all believers, I bet almost all of them have heard of Him!

  2. He is definitely the Lord, & I know he's there. The only thing that i've been wondering What made God? Did he make himself? What was there before God made himself? Was he always there? I asked my Mom these questions but all she said there isn't really an answer for it unless we ask God when were up heaven.