Sunday, November 27, 2016

So I believe in God, So where is He?

Ever feel like that?

You believe in God, but you don't see Him.

You don't hear Him.

You don't feel Him

In your life in any way.

I feel that way sometimes.


I heard this on the radio today:
(I listen to Shine FM 95.1--see link on the side bar)

"Give Nothing, Get Nothing"

So what does this mean?

It is one thing to say "I believe in you, God"
"I accept you Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior"

But if that's it

and that's all you do.....

meaning, you do 


Then you get Nothing.

You'll feel alone.

If you want to See, Hear and Feel the Lord 

In your Heart, 

In your Soul,

In your World,

you have to give something...

You have to give your time to Him

Every Day Do This:

Read the Bible

Pray to Him

Sing His Praises

And every week Go to Church / Sunday School / Youth Group

I promise you, if you do these things

You will See, Hear and Feel God

Because you will develop a personal relationship with Him

It takes time 



But doesn't everything good and worth while take time and effort??


  1. I read the Bible, I sing his praises, I pray every night with my family, but I don't go to Church weekly - but I can still feel God, and hear Him too. I can find him right next to me whenever I'm afraid and alone.

  2. I understand this completely.

    To be honest, sometimes I wonder if he IS real. I mean, I believe, but sometimes I question, you know? When I have problems that go on for YEARS I wonder "Why hasn't God helped us? Why is he letting us suffer?"


    1. I'm not sure, what it is? XD

    2. My post from a couple weeks ago...about not understanding God

    3. Okay I'll read it. I'm glad you made a blog like this, it explains to me things I'm wondering. :)


    4. that's my prayer for this blog