Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Lie is Like a Feathers from a Pillow

This is a great little story from a family member:

See, some friends told a lie to all their friends about one of my cousins (not Great Shot).  My cousin was upset at first but then her friend apologized and told all their friends it was a lie, it wasn't true.  End of story....right?

No.  My family member said it's not alright.  

A lie, he said, is like a feather pillow, ripped open and 
poured out of a window of a car going down a highway.   

Could you ever go back and pick up each and every feather??  

No, and you can never go back and undo a lie.  

Because once you tell it, like the feathers, it spreads out of your control.  

So even though you may think that you have told everyone the truth that is was just a lie, you never know who they may have told, or texted, or who over heard or how far that lie has spread.   And you can't assume "everyone knows that's a lie" or "everyone knows I wouldn't do that".

How do you know what everyone thinks??  Are you God??

Something to think about.....I know I will !!  
That story gave me a whole new perspective on why lies are a sin! 


  1. Interesting... I think everyone has lied at some time in their life. Have you?

    1. yes, I have :(

      But I don't think I have in a very long time, I try very hard to always tell the truth, even it if gets me in trouble...........

    2. It is possible to never lie... (I have lied before D:), it just is a very hard thing to accomplish. Each sin we make is worth an eternal punishment so to be able to do that would be amazing.

      ML AJ

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    1. Ay gee thanks ol pal!

      ~ A weird random stalker who don't know how to stalk people