Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to be Christian Without Being a Jerk

Hello everyone, guest author Megan speaking. Others may know me for my username "GreatShot".

I was invited to make a post on this blog and I had a pretty decent topic idea, as you can see by the title - "How to be Christian Without Being a Jerk".

Everyone is well aware about bad Christians - ones that hate gays, transgenders, Muslims, or anyone who they believe is supposed to go to Hell. They all do this under the name of the Lord, and I can tell you right off the bat none of this is right.

Take the Westboro Baptist Church for example.

You've probably seen these guys on the news before. They're perfect examples of what a Christian doesn't look like. Christianity is supposed to be a religion of peace and love, and the Westboro Baptist Church spreads only hate, believing this is the image of "justice".

It gets worse if you check out their website.
(even their URL is "")

And since they act this way, this does not make them Christian - they may claim they are, but they aren't, the same way that ISIS isn't Islam.

They go completely off based on a few Bible verses, none of which say "these people deserve to be hated".

In fact, the Bible is completely the opposite of what these types of "Christians" would have you believe.

(for anyone who may kick out their own children for being "wrong")

 Now of course, there are good Christians. Ones who are completely accepting of those who would otherwise be outcasted. And if you are Christian, this is the type you should aim to be.

Because when it comes down to it, everybody just wants to be happy. And I feel as though keeping people happy should be a part of a Christian's job, and spreading love is ten times better than spreading hate. You have everything to gain out of spreading love, but nothing out of loathing others.

Even if you believe that the rules in the Bible about homosexuality should be followed, you can still vote for gay marriage and help gays and other LGBT+ members feel accepted. Because even if you may live by these rules, others may not - and it's not your job to tell other people how to live their life.

The same applies for Christians who hate Islam. A good majority of Muslims are good, kind people, but the media and ISIS have given them a bad image, just as the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK paint bad images for Christians.

If you believe that ISIS represents Islam, do you also believe the KKK represents Christianity?

ISIS and the KKK are both terrorist groups. Terrorism does not apply to religions of peace in any circumstance.

If you want to be a decent person, you should not be spreading hate or judgement. Even the Bible supports this.

Judgement is not something for us to do.
We do not decide whether or not people go to Hell - that is up to the Lord.

So think about all this next time you tell a kid he's going to Hell for being gay. Think about this next time you try to pull a woman's hijab off her head. Think about this next time you go on a rampage on social media because "fags", "n*ggers" or "trannies" don't fit in to the rules you go by.

In the end, if someone has different beliefs than you, or acts different than you, or has different interests than you, as long as they bring no harm to anyone, there is absolutely no reason to hate them. And if you truly are a Christian, you shouldn't hate in the first place.

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