Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where is your Heart in your Worship?

Week 6 of Bible Study

Read Genesis 4: 1-5

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Why does God accept Abel's offering but not Cain's?

Cain gives "some of the land's produce"
but Abel gave his "firstborn" and "fat portions" of his lambs.

Why shouldn't God accept both?

When you shop for a gift for someone you truly love
do you buy the first gift you see?

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Do you just get something for them so you can be done 
and on to something more fun for you to do?

Or do you think about that person you love,
Think about their likes and hobbies, Their passions.
And try to get that "perfect" gift.

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Or if you don't have the money, you make them something
putting in your best efforts to give them a gift from your heart.

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Do you see the difference there?

A gift given out of obligation is not of the quality of the one given out of Love

Cain gave "some" of his produce.  
Probably produce that was a little to old to use....or something he didn't really like to eat....or something he had an abundance of

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Cain's offering was out of obligation, not love.

Abel gave his "firstborn" and "fat portions", He gave the very best of his flock.

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(Also note that this offering parallels what God sacrificed for us; God's 'firstborn' and most "perfect lamb", God gave us His very best and He gave it out of love, not obligation)

Read Hebrews 11:4

Abel gave his offering in Faith
Abel was confident in sacrificing his best lambs, 
he was willing to take this loss to his flock
because he had faith that God would bless him with more lambs in the future.

In today's world we do not make sacrifices to worship God.
(you could argue that our tithing is our sacrifice)

And what is important to learn from this story of the Bible 
is that it is very important HOW we worship God.

Do you go to church out of obligation or love for God?
Do you sing hymn while thinking of things you'd rather be doing or is your heart in the songs, contemplating God's great love for us?

Do you go through the motions of communion and services
looking at your cell phone, feeling bored and irritated?

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God doesn't want you in Church out of obligation.
He wants you to give your love freely to Him.

You can change your attitude by taking that hour of Church 
to think and reflect deeply on God's love for you.

Listen to the preacher's words with an open heart,
pay attention to the words in the hymns you sing.

Put your whole being into the service
and it will bring you closer to God.
And it will fill you with Joy.

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And Church isn't the only way we can Worship God

Do you pray?

Do you say a quick memorized prayer with no heart in it?

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Or do you pray with all your heart and soul?

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Do you read the Bible?

Or are you too busy playing video games and texting on your phone?

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Where is your Heart in your Worship?

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  1. I never liked nor understood the story of Cain and Abel's offerings. I would have been a lot happier with someone giving me fruit than sacrificing a living being - and a baby, besides. It doesn't seem kind - or loving.
    Although of course there is no mention in the Bible of why Cain should not offer fruit to God, nor why any sacrifice was in order at all, it doesn't mean there wasn't an explanation.

    And, besides all that, I sound dreadfully arrogant saying that *I* would have been happier and it seems bad to *ME*.
    He is God.

    1. it wasn't that God preferred the lamb to the fruit, it was the quality of the fruit....Had Cain given his best produce it would've shown more consideration and depth of his love for God as well as trust that God would replenish his crops so he wouldn't starve.

      It would be like you giving $5 to the poor when you make a million dollars.

      And I do agree with the issue of a baby lamb, it seems harsh and I wouldn't be able to do it, but different culture, different time. Thankfully we live in a "post sacrifice" world!!

      thanks for reading and discussing!! hope all is well at your new school!

    2. I see ^.^

      I haven't started yet, actually - it's half term. I'll be starting next week.

  2. I think my post is a bit mis-leading. These offering are not made as simple worship alone, but are sin-offerings as part of a worship.

    When Adam and Eve sinned, an animal was slain as punishment--for only blood can wash away our sin. The animal was also used to clothe adam and eve.

    From that point on animals were slain as sin offering during worship in a way to be forgiven for sins. I don't know how often this happened---weekly? monthly? yearly?

    This ended when Jesus Himself was slain such that His blood paid for everyone's sin from the beginning to the end of time.

  3. Lately these days I don't know what to comment on your page haha, sorry, but I really like this explanation.