Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Blame Game

Week 5 of Bible Study

Let's pick up with Genesis 3: 11-13

I love this. 
 Adam and Eve,
 the only people to even come close to being perfect,
caught doing something wrong,
Immediately pass the buck.  

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They cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

And Adam is even bold enough to say "The woman YOU gave to me...."

One of the things that I love about the Bible is 
that it reveals the truth about human nature.

Think about this---who do you blame when you sin?
Do you blame it on being tempted by others?
Or blame it on peer pressure?
Do you say, "well everyone does it"?

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Have you ever lied to avoid being in trouble?

Especially when you are younger--when caught, even "red handed" 
our first inclination is to blame someone else.

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I think it is such a strong part of our nature
that it proves wrong the old saying "everyone is basically good".

The Bible tells us that we are NOT basically good.
We are sinners at heart.

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But the Bible tells us this good news.

God knows our weakness and inclination for sin.

God had a plan, which He shared with Eve:

In Genesis 3:15

God reveals His plan for a Redeemer

It doesn't look like it at first.

On first read it looks like the Bible is telling us that people and snakes will always be at odds with one another (and we are)
and while the snake will bite at our  heals, 
we will kill the snakes--which is often done by cutting off their heads.

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And that is true, I think world over, people are afraid of snakes.
(of course not everyone, but the majority)
and when snakes are killed, they are usually struck in the head.

But there is a deeper meaning to this verse.

The seed of Eve is all of mankind and the seed of the snake is really Satan.
And we will always be at odds with Satan.

He will continually tempt us
And lead us away from God.
And we will follow him
(And many will worship him)
And he will lead us to death.

But God will have the final victory over Satan 
when one of Eve's seeds will come to redeem us.

This person will destroy Satan's hold over us
and redeem us for our sins
and lead us to life in eternity.

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In Genesis 3:15 we first learn about 
the coming Messiah,
Jesus Christ.

Now if you remember, when they ate of the fruit
suddenly Adam and Eve felt shame in their nakedness
and tried to cover themselves, pitifully so, with leaves.

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Read Genesis 3:21

God made clothes for Adam and Eve from animal skins

The Bible isn't explicit in saying this,
but this is the first blood sacrifice in the history of mankind.

Only blood can wash away our sins.

How horrifying it must've been for Adam and Eve 
to see an animal slaughtered.

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Remember--in Eden  there is no death, no predation,
It is a perfect paradise.

But perhaps it took something that horrifying to really drive home
the seriousness of their crime.

I mean if God had said, "It's ok, I forgive you, just don't do it again"
How long before they would do it again?
(disobey God)

They (We) had(have) to fully understand 
how serious the consequences are when 
They (We) disobey God.

God had told Adam and Eve that if they ate of that tree they would die.

God doesn't want us to die.

But there has to be punishment for our sins, 
Atonement for our wrongdoings.

So God substitutes an animal to die in place of Adam and Eve.

And from that time forward, animal sacrifices were made as an act 
asking for God to forgive our sins.

And this practice held for 1000's of years
until the time was right
for God to provide the final sacrifice
that was  the most worthy. 

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This sacrifice's blood would wash away the sins of the entiere world,
for every generation--- past, present and future.

6,000 years ago, God had a plan for you and me
So that we could live with Him in Heaven.

What greater love could there be?

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