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Genesis: Creation Week

Week 2 of our Bible Study

"Genesis" means "root, origins, sources, beginning"

And that is the Book of Genesis,

It tells of the roots of mankind through the generations
beginning with Adam and Eve.

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It tells the origins, or creation of humans
as well as all the plants, animals and the universe.

It tells us the source of all life is God.

And The Book of Genesis begins at the Beginning of Everything.
Which is the source of alot of conflict in belief
not just between Christians and Atheists,
but also among Christians themselves.

Read Gen. 1:1

What does this verse tell us?

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It tells us that God was already there, 
He is the Beginning, 
and He is Infinite.

When Atheists ask "Who Created God?" the answer is No One

God is eternal, infinite, 
He is a Spiritual Being that exists outside of Space and Time

Read Gen. 1:2

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Is there a Time Gap?

Has millions of years passed?

Billions of years?

What happened between verses 1 and 2?

Is this the time of the Fall of Satan?

Edgar Cayce was a Christian Mystic who believed
that the time between these verses occurred 10 million years ago
and was when there was a great civilization called 
filled with spirit beings that later inhabited human bodies

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Sounds like an idea for a good movie!


Please read Gen. 1:3-31 and Gen 2:1-3

What happened on Each Day of Creation?

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Was this a Literal 7 days?

There are 2 Christian Camps of Belief:

Young Earth Christians (YE)
Old Earth Christians (OE)

YE: will tell us that the Creation Days are numbered, have an evening and morning, therefore are literal Days

OE: Will tell us that there are different ways to interpret Hebrew Scripture so they are NOT literal Days

YE: will tell us that the commands given us in Exodus 20:8-11 for a 6 day work week with the 7th day a day of rest is based on the Creation Week and therefore, further proof of a Literal 7 Days

OE:  will tell us that the 7th day has no evening / morning and this fact along with Hebrews 4:3-11 God is STILL at rest, meaning God's Sabbath continues even today---obviously then the 7th day is NOT a literal day so Creation Week is NOT a literal week

YE: will tell us that in Romans 5:12 Sin entered the world through 1 man and death followed sin---so there was no death prior this, no animals died, so creation week can't be 100's or 1000's or millions of years, it MUST be a literal week.

OE: will tell us that Adam couldn't possible name all the earth's plants and animals in a literal 24 hours, so again, 
Creation Week is FIGURATIVE not Literal

YE: will tell us that the OE people twist scripture and add in Evolution

OE:  will tell us that YE undermines the Bible's credibility by creating conflict with science

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But does it really matter?

Does it matter if the Earth is 6,000 years old  or 6 billion years old?

Does it matter if man did or did not walk with the Dinosaurs?

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No, it doesn't

Don't let this debate cloud your heart or close your eyes to the 
Truth of God and His Son, Jesus.

God is Real
God is Eternal
God is the Creator

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  1. Thank you for your great post! I can't wait to see more :)
    I think your last point is very true. We keep torturing ourselves with these questions but they don't matter, as long as we live our lives how God wants us to...