Sunday, March 13, 2016

There is more than we can ever know

I have come to the conclusion that there are parallel dimensions, 
or multi-verses 
that science is just beginning to realize.

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And among those other realms are Heaven
and where God and His angels exist.

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We understand One Dimension

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One Dimension:

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And We Understand  Two Dimensions

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And Three Dimensions

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And Time is the Fourth Dimension.

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But there are 5th, 6th and probably more dimensions!!

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It is hard to fathom such a thing!!

To accept and believe this you have to accept that there
 are still laws of nature to be discovered
and understood.

Like String Theory,

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Black Holes and Singularities.

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And we know that time slows as we approach Light Speed 

And probably doesn't exist at Light Speed.

How can we wrap our head around this?

If we can't we scoff and say it's impossible

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Can't exist.

It's like we are an indigenous tribe isolated from the rest of the world.

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As far as we concern the entire world is our Rain Forest
there is no world on the other side of the mountain range.

And if there is, it would be more of the same.
The same animals, plants and tribal peoples.

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For them to see something like a car
or a phone
or even a flash light
would be as astounding to them as another dimension to us!

So just as these tribes can not imagine the existence 
of such cultures / technologies as ours.,..

Why should we think something beyond our imagination  cannot exist?

Why are we so arrogant to believe we have discovered everything?

That we know every natural law?

Down to the size of a quark and out to the ends of the universe?

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So how can you doubt the existence of a 5th or 6th dimension?

Many physicist today not only believe it possible,
but are working ardently to discover, 
describe and understand these possibilities.

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And the closer they get, 

the closer they may come 

to finding God 

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  1. Oh interesting!
    I hate thinking about another dimension, to be honest. In the end, I confuse myself.