Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How the Bible is Organized

Not my catchiest Title.

Until I read this blog post 
"The 7 Sections of the Bible: A Sign of God's Inspiration"
By Michael J. Kruger

I did not realize,How the Bible was Organized
and how that organization is just simply

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Historically, The Old Testament
Is split into three parts:

The Law
The Prophets
The Writings

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Three is an important number in the Bible

It relates to Divine Perfection

Such as the Trinity

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The New Testament can be split into 4 Sections:

The Gospels
Acts & General Epistles
Paul's Epistles

Four refers to His Creation.

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Combined, OT + NT creates a 7-Fold Structure
Seven is a number of Spiritual Perfection

The Divine (3)+ His Creations (4) = Perfection (7)

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