Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's In A Name?

In Hebrew there are four words translated "God": 
El, Elah, Elo'ah, Elohim.

The oldest word meaning "God" is El

Linguists believe its base meaning is strength or power. 
"El" is the Strong One, or the Deity (God). 

"El" is used in many names found in the Bible
and I was curious as to how they would translate

This is what I found:

Among God's Messengers we Find:

 Michael--Who is like God
Gabriel--God is Powerful
Raphael---God Heals
Uriel---God is my Light

Remember when Jacob wrestled God's angel
for God's blessing
and he received a new name:

Image result for jacob wrestles god

Israel---Struggles with God

Some other Names you may recall:

Samuel---Name of God

Image result for samuel of the bible

Daniel--Judged By God

Image result for daniel of the bible

Elijah--God is the Lord and 
Elisha---God is Salvation

Image result for elijah and elisha of the bible

Ezekiel--God will Strengthen

Image result for ezekiel of the bible

Ishmael--Named by God

Image result for ishmael of the bible

And Perfect for the Christmas Season:

Emmanuel  / Immanuel--God is with us

Image result for nativity

Oh--and this one I found most surprising
because I never thought of this as an "El" name:

Elizabeth--My God is Oath

Image result for elizabeth in the bible


  1. Emmanuel sounds quite Spanish in my opinion, which is nice. Its like saying all cultures are welcome in Christianity, in my opinion of course.

    1. All cultures, all people are welcomed, even those who don't like Reese Cups =P
      after all, we are all God's children