Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Linus Drops His Blanket!

I saw this article this morning 
and couldn't wait to share!

We all know and love the
Charlie Brown Christmas Special

Did you know that it was predicted
this cartoon would fail miserably
because of its religious message.

But after reading this article:

"Just Drop the Blanket:  
The Moment you Never Noticed 
in A Charlie Brown Christmas" 
by Jason Soroski

There is more to that message 
than meets the eye!

Throughout the story of Peanuts, Lucy, Snoopy, Sally and others all work to no avail to separate Linus from his blanket. And even though his security blanket remains a major source of ridicule for the otherwise mature and thoughtful Linus, he simply refuses to give it up.
Until this moment.  When he simply drops it.
In that climactic scene when Linus shares "what Christmas is all about," he drops his security blanket, and I am now convinced that this is intentional. Most telling is the specific moment he drops it: when he utters the words, "fear not" (at :38 seconds).

Looking at it now, it is pretty clear what Charles Schultz was saying, and it's so simple it's brilliant.
The birth of Jesus separates us from our fears.
The birth of Jesus frees us from the habits we are unable (or unwilling) to break ourselves.
The birth of Jesus allows us to simply drop the false security we have been grasping so tightly, and learn to trust and cling to Him instead.

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  1. I saw this today. Yes, it is very telling and awesome!