Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ouija Boards

Harmless Game?

or Not?

I think NOT!

Most people when asked, laugh and say it's not real.

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If it's not real then why are there so many documented cases of contact with the dead?

Or haunting by demons?

Or even possession?

If it is just a game, why does the Catholic Church warn against it ?

There are numerous verses in the Bible in which God warns us against 

participating in occult practices and attempting to speak with the dead.

And that is the point of this board game.

God knows these things can bring us closer to evil and take us further from Him.

Now some of you are laughing, because it is just a board game---it's just fun. 

It's not real.

That's what Nikki Harper claims in article on the subject.

After stating it is just for fun, at the end of the article she describes how her husband

 uses Ouija boards in his paranormal studies. 

 He claims sometimes nothing happens, and sometimes words are spelled out.

Well if words are being spelled out

And it is not of his control,

then is this still a game?

Or is he connecting with the spirit world?

Which brings me back to the warnings from the Bible, which is God's spoken Truth.

Hundreds of people have played with Ouija boards and nothing bad has happened.

But hundreds of people have played with the Ouija board 

and have had some very scary things happen to them!

Why risk it?

If the game is fake---what a waste of your time and money.

If it is real----what a waste of your soul.

Too high a price to pay.

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