Saturday, February 1, 2014

Satan is Real

I think believing in Satan is actually much harder than believing in God.    I think we all want to believe in a loving, compassionate God, but no one wants to believe there is this evil being with such hatred for humans as to cause chaos and evil in this world.  He seems to be simply an interesting mythological creature

But if you believe in God, and believe that the Bible is His inspired word, then you have to accept the reality of Satan.  The Bible is very clear on this.  Satan was once the archangel Lucifer.  Lucifer means "Morning Star" and the Bible tells us he had beauty, wisdom, great abilities--he was perfection.  But he had pride.  Lucifer wanted to be worshiped as a god, actually, as Thee God.  Lucifer led a rebellion with 1/3 of all the angels to overthrow God (so much for wisdom!) and of course, he lost.   Lucifer and his angel followers were cast down from Heaven becoming Satan and demons.

God in his mercy, did not destroy Satan.  He actually, in a way, gave Satan what he wanted.  God gave Satan control of this world, the Bible calls him the "Prince of this World".  And God gave people free will.   We are free to worship God, or worship Satan, or ignore (not believe in) both.

Satan hates humans.  He seeks to destroy us.  He delights in our misery.  And he triumphs any separation he can put between us and God.  If he can separate us, then we loose the grace God showed up on the cross.  If we loose that grace, we do not go to Heaven, we go to Hell.  Satan rejoices both victories.  One, he has eternally destroyed God's precious creation (man) and two, God mourns that loss.

Why does Satan hate us so much?  Because God loves us so much.   He will stop at nothing to separate us.
Satan is wise, he is a great deceiver.   And we are so willingly deceived.

Satan has first succeeded in people not believing he is real.  How does he do this?  First, his name is used so flippantly, that it no longer holds power.  We say things like, "the devil made me do it", or "what the devil is that?"  or we play "devil's advocate".   We dress up like him at Halloween.  He has become is a caricature, a cartoon in our culture.  He is mythological, so he is not real.

This is Satan's greatest triumph.  

If we do not believe in him, then it is so much easier to separate us from God.


  1. I definitely don't believe that the Old Scratch used to be an Angel. I just think he IS Evil and that Evil is him.

    1. Old Scratch...hehe.
      I don't know what I think.
      First of all, what are angels?
      If God makes something an angel, would he make Lucifer one?

    2. Angels are beings created by God. They have various jobs, depending on the kind of angel they are. Some are to worship God, others are His messengers. He made angels before Humans. Lucifer (satan) is an angel, but he is a fallen angel. And the angels that took his side are also fallen angels and we call them demons. Satan cannot become a regular angel because he is so consumed with jealousy, pride and hate. And according to the bible he will never change.

    3. I have never heard of him referred to as "Old Scratch", I had to google it!

    4. :p Satan's also called "Old Nick" and...ermm...some others which I've forgotten. Oh, Old Harry's one of them. Not very fair on those people who are called Nick or Harry, though o.e

      I meant - as God's all-knowing, why would he make an angel who would eventually become the evilist thing ever?

    5. That's a great question that i have yet to find a good answer to except that God gave angels free will like he gave us which means there is the risk of evil. But i trust God and know he is infinitely smarter than me so He must have a good reason even tho i cant understand it.

    6. Mhmmm...I'll have to ask when I get to Heaven...if I do!
      You're good at answering questions :)