Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Wheelbarrow

Have you heard the Story about the Wheelbarrow?

Back in the 1880's there was this fearless tightrope walker, Clifford Calverley.

He could often be seen crossing Niagra Falls:

One day he made the crossing with a Wheelbarrow:

When he got to the other side and joined the cheering crowd, he shouted to them,

"Who among you had Faith that I could cross this falls with the wheelbarrow without falling?"

The crowd went wild with cheers.

"Who among you have Faith that I can cross these falls back to the other side with this wheelbarrow?"

Again, the crowd went wild with cheers.

Then Calverley asked, "Who wants to ride in the wheelbarrow?

The crowd went silent.


What happened to their faith?

They saw him cross without incident, they believed he could return without incident.

Yet no one would get in the wheelbarrow.

They said they had faith in him, but when tested they did not.


Do you have Faith in Jesus?

When you are tested will you "climb into that wheelbarrow"?


  1. I - I THINK I do...I haven't been tested yet...but I think I do....

  2. This is truly a great post! We have been tested in our lives about faith but yet some of us haven't seen some of the tests as tests of faith. This is something to really think about, keep on posting Tig!