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The Miracle that is Israel

taken from the blog by Greg Laurie  (click here for more )

Today Is the 65th Anniversary of the Nation Israel

May 14th, 2013 Posted in sermons
Against all odds, and in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the Jewish people returned to their homeland after the devastation of WW2 and the Holocaust.
There, they reestablished their nation, which is a modern-day miracle!
So to all of our Jewish friends we say, “Happy anniversary!”

PS - I did a message on how the nation Israel fulfilled prophecy in today’s radio program.
To hear that, go to this link.    Harvest.Org Radio


I listen to Greg's radio posts every morning.  Today he talked about how miraculous it is that Israel even exists!     

In the days before Jesus was to be crucified, he gave this prophecy:   That the temple of Jerusalem would be destroyed and dismantled stone by stone and the Jewish people would be scatter across the Earth.    In 70 AD there was a big battle in Jerusalem and the Romans crushed them and they 

The Ceaser destroyed the temple and then set it on fire then remembered it was full of gold.  He wanted that gold, but it had melted into the stonework of the temple.  So he had it dismantled stone by stone to get all of the gold!

It is still this way today:

In prophecies related to the "End of Times" the bible said that the Jewish people would return to Israel.   And in 1948 they did, when the UN made Israel a Jewish state.   No other time in history has a people been scattered so far and wide then brought back together and returned to their homeland.   That is a miracle.

The fact that Israel still exists in my mind is a miracle.   See, it is a very tiny nation and it is surrounded by Islamic countries that seek to destroy Israel.    Look at this map-----that tiny blue spot is Israel, the yellow the Arab countries that hate her.

In 1967 there was the "Six Day War"  in which Israel had to defend herself against the Arab Nations and not only won the war in only 6 days, but expanded her territory!  (which is a source of great conflict even today)

If you are interested in End of Times Prophesies, 
Greg Laurie has a series of them that you can check on at

There are other "End Time" Prophecies that seem to be "Brewing" in Current Events!

Don't Panic!  Prepare--Renew yourself In Christ!

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