Friday, September 28, 2012

The Parable of the Sower

This is one of my favorite Parables:

When Jesus told the above story to the crowd, 

His Disciples asked "What does it mean?"
(see Luke 8: 12-15)

His answer was something like this:

The Seeds are the Word of God.   We receive God's word from reading the bible, 
going to church, talking to other Christians, etc.   How we Grow in His Word depends on how we "plant" the "seeds" of God's Word into our hearts.

Like the 1st group of seeds that fell on the path and were trampled and consumed by birds, sometimes the Word of God is heard by people, but the devil comes and steals God's word so people do not understand and will not be saved.

Like the 2nd Group of Seeds that fell to the hard earth unable to make roots, God's Word is heard by some people who get very excited about the word, but they don't grow deeper in their understanding of God's word and when life becomes difficult, they fall away from Him.

Like the 3rd Group of seeds that fell to the earth, made roots and grew but then were over taken by the weeds,  these are the people who hear  His word but don't allow God to take control of their lives, they let their desires to lead them (they worship other idols---money, fame, beauty, etc) and these other idols choke the Word of God from them.

Like the 4th Group of seeds, some will hear His Word and allow God to control their lives.  They worship and follow God and grow big and strong in His Word and spread His Word to others.  They "bear fruit" by serving God.  

How do you Grow in the Lord?  It may be immersing yourself in the Bible, other Christian books, listening to Christian music and socializing with other Christians so that you grow in Him. 

When you are ready to "bear fruit" and spread His word, this can be done in many ways.  God will guide you when you are ready.   Some people like to just go out there and talk about God.  For me (and some of you) it is through blogging that I share God's word.  For others it may be inviting friends to your church, Sunday school or youth group.    

I pray that all of us are like this 4th group....I pray you let the Word of God grow strong in your heart, take root and thrive.  Never stop learning about Him and when you grow stronger in Him, begin to spread His word in a way that God puts into your heart.


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