Saturday, September 15, 2012

Haters and Bullies

My Good Friend, Jammie263 posted this on her Blog:

And it really got me thinking.

I think that it is really, very true of Bullies and Haters.

I Think God has created a space in each of us, in our the Heart of Our Souls
(Not our physical hearts)

And He really wants you to fill that Space with Him

But you have to Invite Him in.

I think too many kids start filling that hole with sadness and meaness
and it grows into hate for themselves and others.

That is really, really sad.

And makes me Sad for the Haters in Bullies

If you know a Hater or Bully, Pray for them.

Pray that they see the Light of the Holy Spirit 

and take Him into that space

which will push out the darkness and fill that person with joy