Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do you Hear Him?

Awhile ago at Church / Sunday School we were talking about Connecting with God and having a Relationship with Him.

I often hear people tell me that God spoke to them.   We talked about that because alot of people have never heard God speak to them.  Our Youth Pastor explained that God speaks to us in many different ways.

Most people don't "Hear God" directly, It's not like He walks into your house, kicks back in the lazy boy chair and begins chatting you up.   He talks to us through our Hearts and Minds and sometimes through other people or even animals!

Then she told a story about when she was a girl.   Her favorite Bird is a Cardinal  (these are red song birds).  One day she felt very sad and alone and felt very distant from God and His Love.  She was asking God "Where are  you?  Why aren't you Helping Me?"  and crying, sitting on the steps in front of her house.

Then she heard a noise.  In the bush next to her was not 1, not 2, but 5 cardinals!!   She had never seen so many cardinals at once and had never seen cardinals that close to her!!    As she watched them she felt a warmth in her heart and she knew that it was God, telling her She is Never Alone, He is ALWAYS with her.

That story gave me Goose Bumps!!  And it was a True Story!

So how can YOU Hear God??

First, you have to have a relationship with Him.    Ok, that seems weird.  We have relationships with our friends and family, and parents, etc.  They are "Real People".  But God is Real too, and the more you talk with Him / pray to Him, the more Real He will be for you.  

 My Youth Pastor said it is like tuning in an old timey radio.  You know when you roll that dial and it is hard to get it to the exact spot to get your favorite station.  You have to get your Heart in the Exact Spot to Tune into God.  That is where Prayers help to tune your heart in to God.

I have been trying this and it takes time.  I  talk to God while taking showers.  (weird, right? but there are no distractions there, no family, no TV, no Computer, I can focus best there!)   And I find that if I pray on something and talk to Him about helping me with something,  (like this blog) and I find ideas pop into my head and I truly believe they are ideas from Him!

So if you want to Hear God Talk to you, start working on that relationship with Him!


  1. One time I asked my Sunday School teacher how it hailed in Egypt (that was the story she was telling us).
    Then my friend said, "God did it."
    At first, I felt nothing. Then I felt that God just spoke to me. I always wonder if God ever used me to speak to someone.

    Also, just a suggestion, you should put up a poll called: "Do you believe in God?" Just a suggestion. ;)

  2. Nice post. :3 My dad said he heard angels singing before when he was crying. (I think about someone's death.)

  3. I couldn't of said it better. God is amazing :3

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  5. I listen/talk/pray to him before I'm asleep, when the lights are off and everyone's gone...