Sunday, September 18, 2016

Can we Expect to Understand God?

I read today that we are mere Humans

And should NOT expect to Understand God and His Ways.

Would you expect a 2 year old Child
 to Understand an Adult and the Adult's Ways?

If that 2 year old was born with some condition and had to have surgery

and all the pain that goes along with that,

Can we expect the 2 year old Child to Understand
Why He must suffer??

And that what the child is suffering now,
down the road,
 will be well worth the cost of his Pain?

Compared to God,
And His Wisdom

We are Even Less then That 2 Year Old Child.

We cannot expect to Understand Why He let's us Suffer

But We Can Have Faith in His Promise

That there is Something Ahead of Us 

So Wonderful

So Perfect

That it is well worth the Suffering We Endure


  1. I really like this blog! And I think it's really silly of non-believers not to believe in God, because He just must exist. I've got proof: if you put your hand in the position it would be in if you were holding hands, and your hand feels warm as if you were holding someone else's hand. Try it. If that wasn't God's hand, who's would it be? Mr. Nobody's? Not likely.

    1. pretty cool! Mum says that warm feeling you get in your heart when you do something good is God's love