Monday, November 2, 2015

The Gift

A few Sunday's ago our Pastor announced

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that he had a Gift for everyone 

at the Church Service.

Then he picked up a bucket

and handed a small red potato

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to everyone in the congregation.

As he returned to his pulpit he said

"I bet some of you are wondering:

Why did Pastor give me this gift?

What kind of Gift is this?

Is the Pastor crazy?

What does he expect me to do with this thing?

As soon as I can, I'm throwing this gift away"

The pastor smiled and continued,

"This potato represents God's gift to us

It represents His Gift of Love

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 His Gift of Hope,

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His Gift of Forgiveness."

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The Pastor Continued:

"Do we look at these gifts from God and think:

Why is He giving this to me?

Do you think God must be crazy, 

Or what does He think I'm going to do with this?"

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Do you throw God's gift away?

Do you turn your back on God's Love?

Do you feel He can offer no Hope?

Do you reject His Forgiveness?

As a believer you may be quick to say No

you may be quick to say you cherish these gifts from God.

But do you really?
By what actions would it be proven to me that you truly do?

Do you embrace God's Love 

and spend time with Him?

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Do you embrace God's Gift of Hope

and spend time helping others?

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Do you embrace God's Forgiveness

and Forgive those who have wronged you?

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Have you thrown God's gift away?

The great thing about God 

Is His gifts are not Finite.

He will offer these gifts to you again and again

Because He will always love you and want you 

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But don't waste these gifts.

Show God your love by spending time with Him
In prayer, reading the Bible, attending Church.

Share God's Hope with others by helping 
your neighbors in need.

Respect God's offer of forgiveness
by forgiving others and letting go of those grudges.

God is Real

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And He Loves you so Very, Very Much.

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