Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hey You

I love Pink Floyd's album "The Wall".

Yes, it's dark and depressing, but also I feel represents the Human Condition for many of us---especially those who do not know Christ.

The album is a "Rock Opera" about a man named Pink that has faced many struggles and his defense mechanism for self preservation is to build a metaphorical wall around himself.   He seals himself away from the world, even though he is desperate for love and acceptance.

His dad died when he was young, his mother is overbearing and over protective, his head master at his school is depraved and cruel.  He grows up in a time of turmoil, when often it looks as though evil will triumph over good.

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Although he is a very talented musician, as his career advances the more people take advantage of him.   His wife cheats on him when hes' on the road.  His manager only cares about money.  When Pink nearly overdoses before a performance, his manager shoots him up with other drugs to keep him moving so he can perform and not risk loosing money.   His fans are demanding for performance as well.  They would not be so forgiving if he did not show for the concert.

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I think there are a lot of aspects to this fictional character's life that we can all too easily relate.  Who among us has not lost loved ones? Who among us have not discovered our friends do not truly have our best interest in their hearts?  Many of us have tried to escape into a world of drugs or alcohol, many of us become overwhelmed and fade into a darkness.

We build walls around ourselves----block others out before they can get close enough to hurt us.

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We don't realize that these walls become our jails.   We have imprisoned ourselves, not only away from the bad, but also the good.  We imprison ourselves for so long that we do not know how to get out.  We have lost the key to the gate.

And while we allow our inner selves to rot away, 
the worms will fill your brain with lies.  

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You are worthless

No one loves you.

No one cares.

And we believe the worms. 

Afterall,  we cry out to others for help
But they walk right past us.......
without even a glance.

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Do they see me?

Do they hear me?

Will they reach out and touch me?

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If you feel like you have imprisoned yourself behind metaphorical walls, there is one who can break down the walls and let in the love and light.  There is one who can heal your broken heart and lift you out of the darkness.

Jesus Christ can open any door of any prison, open the gates of any wall.

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All you have to do is call out for Him.

He will help you to carry your stone, your cross, your burdens. 

If you open your heart, you can come home.....to Him.

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Brick by brick, Jesus can help you to tear down that wall.


  1. Hi!! (:
    I just listened to The Wall recently, remembering how I loved the songs and felt like I related to Hey You, etc. I thought of sharing the songs with my kids and started to, but I think the hopelessness of the songs was too much (my daughter didn't like it) and so I stopped.

    I was a rather depressed teen, and I don't think these songs helped me much... except to make me feel not alone. But it is beautiful, powerful music, and at least not shallow!

    I agree with you that it shows very well the emptiness of life apart from Christ. Exactly!
    And even if we know Jesus is our hope, we will find this hopelessness if we wander away from God's word and truth. It reminds us how desperately we need to "walk in the light, as He is in the light."

    God gives us a reason to live, and strength to face life, and even to bear pain with hope, so we don't resort to escapism by drugs, or any other means...We can know we are not alone!!

    God bless you, TiggerKat! Old AnimalJam friend! (: