Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fatherless Homes

One of the problems in our culture is raising children in homes without fathers.

One in Three households in America is Fatherless.  No big deal our society says.  We  pride our single mothers as women who have it all.  We depict fathers as imbeciles on TV.   The feminist movement has marginalized men and glamorized the woman who needs no man.   We tell the world a boy doesn't need a father, his mother can teach him all he needs to know.

But here are the facts:

Fatherless homes are more like to exist in poverty.

Children without a father to guide them are more aggessive ,more likely to do drugs and are at a greater risks of criminal behavior.

Babies are more likely to die in homes without fathers, children are at a greater risk of abuse.

Children in homes without father are more likely to do poorly in school, drop out, not attend college.

Children in homes without fathers are more likely to engage in sexual behavior, more likely to experience teen pregnancy--leading to both a higher rate of abortion and a higher rate of continuing the cycle of fatherless families.

I doubt this in news to you.  Watch the news....see that teen arrested for murder?  see that boy arrested for dealing drugs?  See that girl heading into the abortion clinic with a friend?  No father in the home is almost a guarentee.

But I think this can also be extrapolated to a society without Thee Father.

I see a society that not only promotes drugs and sex, it celebrates it and normalizes it.  Wait until marriage?  You are the weird one.  Don't want to get drunk or high?  There is something wrong with you!

Why are Christians always made to feel they are on the defense for their good morals?

Because so many in our world do not have Thee Father to nurture and guide them, to teach them right from wrong.    God teaches us that children need both a mother and a father.  He teaches the importance of family. And He teaches that when we let Him be the head of our household, when we let Him be our Father, we will prosper over evil.

There are many citations on Fatherless Homes, for one Click Here

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