Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Chanukah!

No, I'm not Jewish,
But I love the Jewish Religion and Have Jewish Friends!

So I would like to wish them Happy Chanukah!

Today is the 1st day so tonight they light the 1st candle of their Menorah!

Many Jewish Holidays are so interesting to me because
they are so tightly entwined with history.

Here is the Story of Chanukah in a nutshell
(and to my Jewish friends, if I am wrong on anything, please correct me!)

Over 2000 years ago the country of Israel  was conquered / controlled by outsiders that wanted to destroy their religion.  The Jews defeated them and re-established their Holy Temple.
Back then they would honor God by burning purified oil on a Menorah 
(a candle holder for 8 candles)
but they only had enough oil for 1 day.

But miraculously it replenished itself to light the candles for Eight days!
To Celebrate God's Greatness the Jewish leaders created the Chanuka celebration
that continues on to this day!

During this time, Jewish peoples praise and thank 
God for all  He has done.!

Praise Be to God!
And May God Bless his Chosen People!

PS:  In the Hebrew Calender today is: Kislev 24, the year:  5773


  1. Yay for Chanukkah!!!!! Did you know that Chanukkah is not the most important holiday? It is also not in the Jewish Bible.

    1. I used to think it was and Passover, but I think I recently learned, Yom Kippor is the most important?

      And when I made this post I read it wasn't in the Torah bc it happened after Moses, so I learned that today!

    2. Yeah, and so is Rosh Hashanah.

  2. I knew Chanukka existed but I never knew so much about it before!

    1. Passover is even more interesting! (to me!)

  3. I was thinking I might make a Chritian blog myself. What do you think?

    1. I think that is wonderful! let me know when you get it up and I will link it here and on my Reese Cup blog!

      I find this blog harder to do, I really wait until I am "inspired" to make a post. My conversation with VMS about holidays in general inspired this post!